Tab and Orders

The screen displays all information coming from every table provide with a Tompac module, thanks to the integration of the tab request and order button.

This easily usable unit optimises client service quality.

Charging smartphones

A wireless recharging system for bars, restaurants, hotels, beach, pools, waiting rooms, yachts, communal areas, offices. Charge mobile phones in four ways: with a micro-USB connector, Lightening cable, USB port, and the inductive charging ‘Wireless Charger’ system.


Wi-Fi Extender

This is an optional module that can extend Wi-Fi network coverage present in a space to always allow clients to connect to the internet.
The Captive Portal function, however, allows you to personalise the access page to the network.

An idea that’s as simple as it’s revolutionary

Il Sole 24 Ore

Tompac is a smart system for more than commercial services. The system is modular and can be built according to your needs.
Tompac module: charge up to 4 smartphone TABLETS – Orders and tab requests – NFC for marketing and much more
Receiver Module: has ample display area which shows all the service requests of your clients
Wi-Fi Extender Module: extend the coverage of your internet network and create a personalised welcome page with accessible through social network accounts.
The charging base charges all Tompac system modules that you need, which stack on top of one another.

NFC is programmable with the owner’s data and sends you to WEB pages, social networks and menus. Thanks to this technology, enabled phones can directly connect with the location’s page, increasing the client’s marketing experience

Image module

Not much bigger than a hand, it will allow you to recharge four phones in whatever public location.

Milano Finanza

Image module
Image module
In Italy you can not only do research but think about engineering a new technological product.

il Giornale

Image module

When an idea is good, it not difficult to give facts

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